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Cleaner Air for London

Breathe Better Together

A new campaign to encourage us, as Londoners, to improve the quality of the air we breathe

Breathe Better Together will alert us to ‘Breathe Better Days’ when air pollution is forecast to go up.

It’s a simple idea:  if we all make small positive changes, like cycling and walking, working from home, and avoiding engine idling on days when air pollution is forecast to go up, we will improve the quality of air we breathe and enjoy better health. If we all work together we can turn these high pollution days into Breathe Better Days.

Breathe Better Together will be launched in early 2014, but in the meantime we are getting lots of partners and businesses on board so they can let their employees know about the project and get ready for Breather Better days. Later in the year there will also be a schools engagement programme.

The campaign is led by the Mayor of London, Camden, Croydon and Islington Boroughs, airTEXT, and is supported by Defra. Breathe Better Together is part of the Mayor’s Cleaner Air for London programme.


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